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Kamis, 09 Februari 2012


There was one client, Mrs. Atty comes from Balikpapan asked me to make dolls spongebob and Tazmania., The first time she purchased, she would like a doll was used as a Brooch, but she later changed her Order, Mrs. Atty prefer the doll was used as hairpins. If made ​​hairpins, of course doll size must be smaller, simply complicated. Well was new for me ..., this is my first time making doll character disney or nickelodeon. Honestly, I prefer to make a doll with my own design, because for me it was of course much easier ... he .. 3x.  
But I like the challenge, the client's wishes is my command.

And ... voilla, I remove all my doubts, although still ask myself whether my hand-made dolls are so similar yet with real character
Special thanks to Mrs Atty , has entrusted the design of your souenirs on THUMB2FELT.  
I hope you like it

2 komentar:

  1. aku suka lihat sponge bob nya mbak Rita..

  2. wah mbak Niar flanellapernik maturnuwun sudah mampir diblogq, ini neh..pakarnya karakter disney versi flanel...benar-benar suka semua koleksi kamu mbak, hu..3x makasih mbak niar..tapi aku belum puas,karena belum bisa bikin yang 3D seperti mbak niar, musti kulik-kulik ilmu neh dari mbak niar..he..3x,


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