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Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

SEWING DIARY 9 : {transformed " chocolate to green"}

I Remembered how a Chameleon Protect Itself from Enemies.Chameleons change their skins color like the color of the place where he was hiding.

so lustig, geil..!!^_^

There's one of my clients in Australian ordered a keychain "kiwi rollcake" as a souvenir condolences father. She said her late father's favorite color is green. Hopefully my client love it .
  ^ ^
this is kiwi rollcake i made the first


PRICE : IDR. 15.000/pcs (include mica box, ribbons)

*/ For Sale
For Order /Info : send an email to
or PM Facebook : thumb2felt
For quick response call us to 085648627953 (no sms please...!)
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