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Minggu, 13 Maret 2011


A little play time when I finally decided I wanted to sell online flannel. I'd love to die with flannel creations since attending college semester 2, the story begins when I walk with my best friend at Gramedia, our favorite place to hang out besides at the mall .. he .. 3x, Denok I called her, her real name is Quluk .. , young women of Manado with her klappertart cake (hmmm. .. it's my favourite yummy dessert too)..

Although we do not aim to buy books, we always regularly visit Gramedia to review the book that make us interested, Step we stopped at one booth about craft. .. suddenly Denok said, "rita come here, it looks  funny ... let's try to make this ... then sold?" This? Which is it?? ^ _ ^ This is her first book that Denok point...


But somehow after that the words she stopped right away .. there is no realization, after she resigned from the campus, because her parents wanted her to go KOAL than the German language department. Well .. we thought it was just a joke or a momentary pleasure to see nice-looking book in a bookstore ... but ... why are the words of my friend kept ringing ears .. like .. I take it seriously. Especially after knowing the contents of her book .... so ..... 4 years passed with no action at all ... he .. 3x, I think I was too smart not to sell ..

Well .. it is just a little story.. here's the test results from a book by Eka Yunita, Thank you so much sister because of your book, till now I still continue to fantasize about the idea of what I wanted to make...

It is also just filler my free time, it is still not an action for sale, Just it ..So ... uh my boyfriend who was a chubby, see my collection and said ... why not sell it? Ouch selling it??it's need capital, time to make it, blah-blah-blah ... ah dizzy... "I said, again not an action ...
I think he was so encouraging me and finally, i said "okay" just you also help me ya ... ha .. 3x
So .. This is my first introduction with the virtual world ...
And the result ... whoopee ... after waiting a long time ... this is my first online customer, on March 2010 (what date y?? hi.3x .. must check email first...) ... that she after receive the souvenirs, she repeat orders again (reaally.. i'd like to say.. I'm so glad that repeat orders from my first customer, i think that means she really likes the results of my creation .. my job .. ... thank you so much my lovely customer)

Yupzz .. My first online customer send me an e-mail, she is sis Angelina (that time she was being KKN in Kalimantan) who wants a piano-shaped case made ​​of tissue for her beloved sister in surabaya 2 pcs and add more 3 pcs ... hu ... 3x really touched..,
I make it willingly, and origin, all handmade and thick, guaranteed not cheaper, though viewed far it looks simple .. it's need a lot of sewing hand hu .. T_T 3x quite energetic...
And do not forget a spray roses too ...


Who's next??? He .. 3x okay it's enough ... I just want to say thank you so much for Sis Angelina, who already believe that THUMB2FELT also  trusted seller . Really she is my first online buyers ...
And for BEBONG who always support from limitedly condition, only keywords for me that can stop me singing .. ha ... 3x (so easy to chose it, move on or Stop it!, easy right?? T_T) , thanks my love, always support me forever ... mmuach... u're everything for me ... : P

lighty white room-bayern

Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

SEWING DIARY 1 :{"I love Ibu" door hanger}

Lagi lihat-lihat buku quilting..ternyata bagus-bagus juga ya...memanfaatkan perca menjadi lebih jg pendatang baru neh crafter...belum begitu paham...masih jauh ilmunya, yang penting action dulu lah... ^_^
Sebenarnya niat awal pingin belajar jahit mesin...hiks...belum apa-apa jarum mesin patah..., fiuh...kena marah lah aq sama ibu, terpaksa deh...jahit tangan lagi deh..he..3x
Kali ini pakai tusuk rantai pengganti jahit mesin...jiah..gimana lagi ,jahit tangan ya tak serapi jahit karena harus jadi  ya tetap harus dijadikan
Apa yang aq buat??? Yuk jelajahi satu persatu....semoga bermanfaat ya crafter...

 sudah lengkap belum ya peralatan yang dibutuhkan?? ^_^

 Setelah pola kelopak bunga warna biru dipotong satukan dengan lingkaran hijau menggunakan tusuk jelujur, terakhir pasang kancing diatasnya :)

 yang rajin ya potong polanya... ^_^


voila...jadilah bunga...tapi warnax koq ky lebah ya..he..3x

  •  buat pola hati
  • 1 kain flanel warna (terserah) , sbg bantalan tuk kain motif aja, biar kuat saat dijahit tangan (tusuk feston), karena kain motif ini licin, bisa jg pakai busa (up to u ^^)
  • potong salah satu kain motifx juga menyerupai pola lbhkan 1-2cm dari ukuran pola, agar bisa dilem(uhu) dari dalam (menutupi kain flanel)
  • potong 1 kain flanel lagi warna pink muda (jg lebih lbih lebar dari ukuran potongan pola kain motif.
  • oh ya..diatas ada 1 warna kain flanel juga yg diptong elips (warna merah anggur) sebagi alas tuk menjahit huruf

potong lagi 1 pola lingkaran pada kain flanel warna pink fanta dan 2 pola lingkaran (lebih besar sebagai isian dakron ) pada 2 kain motif berbeda,  he..3x lupa neh..upload fotox.., kalo ada yang bingung..tanya aja lagi ya..^^

so..jadinya begini crafter

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